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Starting out over 15 years ago Perth Stripes and Signs has become a sign company that can be relied upon to meet your needs, We have over the years become synonymous with quality.


Our skill set goes way beyond the signwriting of fleet vehicles (of which we are specialists in) we produce signs for almost any application, most of these produced in-house so we can monitor the quality of all our work


These pages are a showcase of some of the work we have produced over the years.


If what you are looking for isn't shown here please contact us.




At Perth Stripes and Signs we have our own team of designers working on everything from your small flat sign through to the large trucks and fleets run by local councils.


With our up to date design software, cutting and printing software we are able to  work with you and your ideas, or even work with the files you supply to us.

Save time and money by getting your design done by the people who will be manufacturing and fitting your signs



Perth Stripes and Signs started out many years ago from the pinstripe industry  - applying thin lines of vinyl along the sides of cars, trucks, horse floats etc.


This skill learnt by applying hundreds, if not thousands, of metres is still going strong today with 2 of Perth's best pinstripers applying stripes, graphics and body moulding on cars that require that little bit of extra bling or protection.

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Signs covers a lot!

It's probably easier to ask about the things that we don't do rather than the things that a modern sign shop can and does do.

These pages will help you in deciding what it is that you need...


if is isn't here don't despair, jump to our contact page and give us a call or an email and one of our helpful staff can answer your questions.