Things that you might want to know

| signs |

Do you only do signs?

No. We do a lot more than just signs - look through these pages and you will get an idea of the many things that we do.

Can you do it right away?

The majority of our work does need time to be manufactured and installed. In saying that if something you require is urgent then please let us know and we will do our best to get it done as quick as we can for you.

I need my signs installed - can you do this for me?

Yes we can - we use a very skilled and experienced installer who does nothing but put signs up and down all day long. If the signs are up high that's not a problem either as we have all the proper tickets

| digital printing |

what can you print onto?

The large format printers available today enable us to print onto many different materials. Of course the traditional materials, like vinyls that we use in car wraps and the banner material used for our external banners is still widely used but now there are a lot more options. Wall coverings, floor graphics, soft furnishings - even personlised wrapping paper are now available in the large format digital printing market

What artwork do i need for you to print?

anything that is of a high reolution should be ok to use. If you are not sure then make sure you contact us so we can look at the artwork for you

| stripes |

When you stripe my car - does it need to be clean?

When you bring your car in for signwriting we will prepare it ready to take the vinyl - a clean smooth surface is required for the vinyl to adhere well.
Before you bring the vehicle in if you can give it a wash to get rid of the majority of the dirt that would be great!

Do you paint the stripes on?

In the old days the stripes would have been painted on by hand - a time consuming and costly process. These days we use vinyl striping, in many various colours and thicknesses. We can also produced a graphics kit if you would like something.... more!

Do you do the hi-vis safety stripes

Yes we certainly do - the hi-vis striping, along with the hi-vis ID numbers are all produced in house. Check out our gallery of our safety striping

| artwork |

Can you do the artwork for me?

Yes we can - we can sit with you to discuss your needs and then design the artwork to suit, the benefits are that we can cut out the 'middle man' who usually charge you a lot to design your artwork. Our designers have years of commercial design experience.

Can i take the artwork you did to someone else?

Anything that is design here remains the property of Perth Stripes and Signs until it has been paid for - once you pay for the costs involved in the design then the artwork belongs to you